LCM Worskhop


workshop Economics of Low-Carbon Markets (aka the LCM Workshop) is an event taking place yearly in Brazil since 2013. Its aim is to stimulate discussions among international researchers
in the fields of Environmental and Energy Economics and closely related fields such as Industrial Organization and Transport Economics.

Over the years, the LCM has managed to attract a number of international invited and contributing speakers -- see programs below.

Information on previous editions is as follows:

Call for Papers
Conference Program
Invited Speakers
Dinner Pictures

December 2018 Call TBA Don Fullerton, Clifford WinstonD

December 2017 Call Program Christopher Timmins, Ulrich Wagner
December 2016 Call Program Olivier Deschenes, Timo Goeschl
December 2015
Call Program Jan Brueckner, Steven Puller
December 2014
Call Program Mark Jacobsen, Ryan Kellogg here and here
December 2013 Call Program Antonio Bento, Eugenio Miravete here and here

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