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About me
 Research My research interests span Applied Microeconomics, Environmental and Energy Economics, and Industrial Organization.

# Following a PhD in Economics at the London School of Economics (awarded in 2009), I am currently an associate professor (docent) at the Stockholm School of Economics.
Teaching # I was the proud winner of the Public Utility Research Prize for the best paper in regulatory economics awarded at the IIOC (International Industrial Organization Conference).


LCM Workshop May 2017

# I have now posted an updated version of the paper "Taxes vs. Standards as Policy Instruments: Evidence from the Auto Market" under Research.

August 2016

# The paper "Bailing Out..." with Nikita Koptyug was accepted for publication at JEMS ! The paper proposes bounds for the DD estimator when there are spillovers between treatment and control groups

# I am co-organizing the 4th edition of the "Economics of Low-Carbon Markets" (LCM) workshop -- the submission deadline is 12 August, please check

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